Integrated to All Processes Requiring Calculation

Ability to Make High Speed Calculations with Data in XML or JSON Format with REST API

Format Independent

Plug & Play


D-Evaluator is an industry-independent product developed in Java based micro-service architecture for integrating any calculations made on workbooks (Excel xlsx) with any application via REST API. There is no format dependency in the integration process and the calculation time is very short (40 ms).
There are 3 basic services.


Workbooks Service
  • Upload, download, and delete workbooks on the server.
  • List of workbook information in worksheet and cell detail.
  • Assigning, calculating and then listing the values of cells or cells in the desired pages in the workbook.
Parameters Service
  • Define, update and delete input and output parameters to be evaluated in the workbook.
  • List of parameters based by workbook.
Monitoring Service
  • List of the work time and the number of calculations of the workbooks on the basis of the work channel.
  • Freeing up memory usage.