Flexible and IT Independent Product Module

PCI DSS Compliance

Multi Lingual

Supplementary Benefits And Campaigns Management Module

Presales Simulations And Quotations

Dynamic And Scheduled Batch Operations

Flexible Sales Channels – Agents Structure


L4All is a powerful, RPA supported application software that has all the modules needed by Life Insurance and Pension companies, and can manage IT independent processes.


L4All gives you the speed and agility you need to take advantage of market opportunities, meet changing customer needs and improve your competitive position.
Customer Experience
Helps deliver broad customer service capabilities with rule-based business process management.
Modern and New Technologies
It provides the modern and new technological infrastructure required for optimum application performance.
Strong Integration Structure 
With a wide array of enterprise functions, L4All offers new opportunities for cross-system integration and real transformation.
Efficient operation and agility in the transition to paperless media by digitizing.

How it works