Why Metisbot?

Self-Renewal Algorithms With Machine Learning

Provides 7/24 Service channels

Responds quickly, facilitates communication

Solves problems and complaints instantly

It collects feedback from users and develops itself continuously

It reaches the right customer representative

Creates consistent and personalized communication

Provides automatic registration in the marketing contact list



Hybrid Software
Metisbot, rule based  and data oriented & make conversation in text or audio using predictive methods.
English Interface
As well as in Turkey and have been developed as Turkish, training can also be done on other languages ??that use the Latin alphabet.
Artificial Intelligence Support
Artificial Intelligence Processor uses natural language processing and deep learning methods. Solves the structure of the questions asked within the specified scope, determines the meaning, perceives the emotion and intention. Continuously develops through training on unknown questions.
7/24 Service
Continuous work at any time, working at any hour, gives service.